TTX McCormick Series

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The TTX McCormick Series is a reliable and affordable heavy duty tractor for large farm operations.   These are perfect for field tillage and pack plenty of horsepower for any field work.  

200 + HP, 6.7 L, 6 cylinder BETAPOWER diesel, boasts 850 lb. ft. of torque and an output of 225 HP to PTO with power management.   

The XtraSpeed transmission provides 32 speeds with 4 ranges. This can be controlled with a push button reaching up to 1000 RPM. Power shift gears are quick to adjust for a variety of field types.

Comfort is as much a priority as performance. The Deluxe Cab features a four post design that offers plenty of visibility in the field or on the road. An adjustable seat and steering wheel, along with an efficient HVAC system, brings luxury to the field.

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