X6 McCormick Series

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The X6 McCormick Series is a versatile tractor fit to perform on any livestock or crop farming operation.  This is the ultimate haying tractor that is ideal for raking, bailing and hauling.  These farm tractors also have the option of a front end loader along with other accessories making this a true multi-purpose machine.

Based on the popular X60 range the X6 lineup includes three new tractor models.  Using the new BETAPOWER 4.5L diesel engines, they meet EPA emission standards and produce 111 and 130 horsepower.  The advanced SCR system (Selective Catalytic Reduction) comes with ‘Power Plus’ to give a boost when needed for PTO or transport.

A declutch control and power shuttle come as standard features in the Xtrashift transmission.  The operator can adjust how abruptly the transmission shifts when changing direction using a rotary knob for Shuttle Modulation Control located on the dash.

An ergonomic design for controls matched with an air suspension seat and an air-conditioned, pressurized cab keep the make for a quiet and comfortable environment in the field.  The Deluxe cab has a high stance and flat deck that make for optimal visibility and ease of access.

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